THE TONI NEGRI (Drinking From the Same Glass), 2001
9 January 2018

A one-of-a-kind drinking fountain produced in collaboration with Elkay Manufacturing Company and featured in “Crossing the Line,” an exhibition curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud at the Queens Museum of Art in New York. The handicapped-accessible fountain is over seven feet long and features five individual bubblers controlled by one remote sensor located in the center of the fountain: the individual standing in the middle controls the water flow for everyone. The work’s namesake, Antonio Negri, is an Italian political philosopher who was incarcerated on charges of “association and insurrection against the state.” He is the co-author of Empire.

Electronic motion sensor, handicapped-accessible five-bubbler stainless-steel drinking fountain

Production: Elkay Manufacturing, Dick Emrick — engineer, Tim Nolan — custom product specialist, Steve Sorenson — manager of product planning for water coolers and drinking fountains

Commissioned for  the exhibition “Crossing the Line” at the Queens Museum that was curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud and Valerie Smith.