PUBLIC UTILITY 2.0, 2008 — Ongoing
25 November 2020

PUBLIC UTILITY 2.0 is a 21st century work of land art, albeit for the space above the ground, the airwaves and radio frequency. It is pathmarking in policy and technology for the development of a sustainable model to provide wireless broadband access and the associative programming for cultural, educational and economic development. It retrofits unused radio frequencies with state of the art devices for broadband wireless access. Deployed across the under-resourced communities in rural and urban locations, PUBLIC UTILITY 2.0 it creates just and equitable access wirelessly. This technology will provide the necessary wireless connections through access points through Innovation Territories for access to the Internet for all. The coronavirus pandemic has made it patently evident how necessary this is a public space and how it can be utilized and modeled and scaled for use throughout the world.

U.S. spectrum map showing unused radio frequency